Cabin. Big Sur, CA. 2012


After, bathroom addition.

Working with an existing structure, de sola.barnes created a double-curved bathroom addition to a rustic 1 room cabin in the California mountains. Corrugated siding and roofing, use of found materials, bullet supergraphics on interior walls and a custom made mirror using bullet cartridges as the frame, created a quicky, yet stylish cabin. The cabin is furnished with low beds on wheels, LED lighting and outdoor furniture made of recycled milk bottles. ds.b took part in the assembly by painting the bullet super graphic walls inspired by American painter, Jasper Johns, and mirror making riffing on the theme of 'ammunition', which was kept in the cabin to fell the redwood decades past. The cabin is solar powered with the solar shed created from an old out-house. Sadly, the cabin burned in the Soberanes Fire of 2016, started by an illegal campfire in a nearby state park. 
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